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Dr. Malaki - OBGYN Scottsdale

Personalized Obstetrician-Gynecologist Services & Care



Scottsdale Personal OBGYN is the solo private practice of Dr. Afshin Malaki, located in Scottsdale, AZ.  My staff and I cater to patients who are looking for OBGYN treatment that is tailored to the individual.  We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, and our goal is to provide the very best customized gynecological services and pregnancy services.


As an OBGYN in Scottsdale, I provide a wide range of expert women’s health services.  All patients are personally examined and treated by me.  I learned early in my medical training that personal attention and personalized care promote healing and faster recovery from illness.  During the twenty years I spent training and working with large medical groups, it was my dream to offer a different level of care to my patients.

Our care philosophy centers around one-on-one care. I want each patient to feel a high level of comfort and confidence in receiving care from a highly trained, trusted medical doctor. From your first visit through treatment, check-ups, recovery and more, I take the time to get to know you and customize your care to meet your unique health needs.


OBGYN services at Scottsdale Personal OBGYN include  pregnancy support for expectant mothers, based on years of experience with both low and high-risk pregnancies. I provide each patient with the information needed to make the safest decisions for mother and baby. As you progress through your pregnancy, labor and delivery, I will personally attend to your medical needs every step of the way, including the birth of your baby.  

I offer a full range of gynecological services for patients in Scottsdale, AZ. From routine women’s health check-ups and health screenings to treatment of complex gynecological conditions including heavy and painful periods, chronic pelvic pain, bladder drop and incontinence and minimally invasive surgical procedures.  I offer the highest level of personalized care to my patients. My goal is to provide expert guidance, minimally invasive approaches to gynecological issues and surgical solutions that are tailored to the patient’s condition and lifestyle.


I deliver babies at HonorHealth Shea Medical center and Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital. I perform most of my surgeries at Honorhealth Shea's affiliated outpatient Piper Surgery Center, Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital's Surgery Center, as well as Honorhealth Osborn's Outpatient Greenbaum Surgery Center. I used to have privileges at eight different hospitals in the area for many years. In 2020, I narrowed down the list to the above-noted hospitals that in my opinion are overall well run and provide safe medical care and excellent service to my patients in Phoenix, North Phoenix, Scottsdale, and North Scottsdale.


Because my sole focus is on OBGYN treatment, I do not provide ancillary or non-OBGYN related services such as hormone pellets, cosmetic injections, skin treatments, mental health services or mid-level services such as midwife, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner services.  My staff is happy to provide contact information for local medical offices offering these services.

We are proud to have clients come across Arizona such as
Fountain Hills, Anthem, Cave Creek & Carefree, Paradise Valley, and Tempe.


If you are looking for a personalized approach to women’s health and OBGYN Scottsdale, please call Scottsdale Personal OBGYN at (480) 794-1000 to schedule an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you and customizing a care plan for you.





- Minimally Invasive Surgery 

- Robotic Tubal Reversal

- Bladder, Rectal and Uterine Drop, Pelvic  Organ Prolapse

- Urine Control Issues, Urinary Incontinence

- Chronic Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis

- Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts

- Heavy or Irregular Periods

- Bleeding After Menopause

- Painful Periods

- Painful Intercourse

- Infertility Evaluation

- Undoing Tubal Ligation 

- Abnormal Pap-smear/HPV

- Contraception, IUD, Nexplanon 

Over 15 Years of Experience in:

- Advanced Laparoscopy

- Vaginal Surgery

- Robotic Surgery 

- Open Laparotomy


- Pregnancy is not a medical condition, but a natural process.


I will follow you throughout your healthy pregnancy. If any pregnancy related complication was to arise I will work with you to accommodate your pregnancy and labor wishes, with you and your baby’s safety being my highest professional priority.


I Provide The Following Obstetrical Services:

-Twin Gestation Including Vagnal Delivery

if Twin A Head Down

- History of Chronic Hypertension

- History of Previous Preterm Birth

- Pregnancy Related Diabetes

- Growth Restrictions

- History of Bleeding in Pregnancy 

- Version of Breech Presentation

- Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC, TOLAC)

- History of Multiple Previous C-sections



Botox Injections

Services That I Do Not Provide

In order to stay focused on core OBGYN services, I do not provide the following ancillary services. Please feel free to ask my staff for a list of contact information for the local doctors who provide these services.


- Hormone Pellets

- Cosmetic Injections

- Mental Health Services

- Dermabrasion, Skin Chemical Peels

- Mid-levels Services (Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or Midwifery Services)

- Non-OBGYN Related Services

On Feb. 1st, 2021 we moved to our new office location in North Scottsdale, just off 101, Shea exit, by 84th street:

8414 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 103

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

We are located in a quiet area on the Northside/backside of the building, facing St. Patrick Catholic Community Church.

Please click this link for the map

Please Contact Me With Any Feedback So I Can Provide a Better Service for You and Other Patients
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