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Personal Attention is Our Care Philosophy

In today’s world of corporate and large group medical practices, personalized attention from a solo doctor might be perceived as either old-fashioned or progressive. It has been my dream to offer this type of care because I believe it is essential in the healthcare industry.  It promotes more effective healing and faster recovery from both natural processes such as pregnancy and delivery, and from illness. My goal is to offer the highest level of OBGYN treatment and care that is customized to each patient’s unique healthcare needs.

As an independent OBGYN in Scottsdale, AZ, I personally attend to each patient at Scottsdale Personal OBGYN.  Over twenty years of experience as a medical doctor and specializing in obstetrics and gynecology allows me to offer patients a full range of women’s health services from routine checkups to specialized surgical procedures.  Because each patient’s situation and needs are different, I feel that customized treatment offers the most effective health solutions.  

Dr. Malaki's Distinguished Features

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Patients at Scottsdale Personal OBGYN know that they will always see me for their office visits.  I am the doctor on call for my patients 24/7 and am available to answer questions. I take the time to listen to your concerns and offer advice and treatment based on my extensive experience and knowledge.  I attend your delivery, perform all procedures and personally follow up with you during your recovery. I am pleased to build lasting relationships with my patients built on trust.  

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